The Lodge

The Lodge

La Chorcha Lodge was built to accommodate those who are nature enthusiasts as well as the traveler who is just looking for a comfortable and private place to stay. The greater Copan Ruins offers a wide variety of activities and it is our goal to help you enjoy the diverse natural history, archaeology and cuisine that is found here.

It is managed by Robert and Irma Gallardo, devout Naturalists and co-authors of various natural history productions including CD`s and regional bird field guides.

Let us be your first choice of places to stay while in Copan and it will be our pleasure to attend you!

The Lodge sits on the grounds of the Butterfly House and Nature Center on nearly 3 forested acres at the edge of town.

La Chorcha Cabins

Our cabins were designed to fit the surrounding natural landscape keeping the native vegetation intact and enhanced with plantings to attract more birds and butterflies.

Each cabin has a Queen bed and a bunk that consists of double on the bottom and single on top. You can watch online tv streaming here. They are divided by a small wall. Perfect for the whole family.  Each cabin is also accented with original works of art featuring natural history elements found in Honduras.

Stained Glass

Each cabin has its own private covered porch highlighted with a custom stain glass piece featuring native flora and fauna.
They were created by Rodger who helped Robert and Irma build the Lodge.
Each piece was designed from a photo taken by Robert.

Blue-crowned Motmot

This charismatic bird can be found on the Lodge property often near the creek or feeding on the “Capulin” berries near the property entrance.

Immaculate Morning Glory Orchid

The nearly pure white orchid was discovered by Robert and Irma in the rainforests north of Copan.  It is apparently new for science and it`s proposed name would be “Sobralia gallardii”.

Elegant Euphonia

The La Laguna-San Francisco road located in the foothills on the south side of Copan Valley is the best place in Honduras to see this stunning bird.  Its favorite food is fruiting mistletoe and at times large flocks can be seen feeding together.

Keel-billed Toucan

Our lovely, large toucan can be found in rainforests throughout much of Honduras, at times in flocks.

Morpho butterfly

One of our largest and flashiest butterflies, it can be found on the property as well as much of Honduras near creeks and rainforests.

Lovely Cotinga

Honduras and Pico Bonito N.P. is perhaps the best place to see this amazing canopy species.

Butterfly House and Nature Center

La Chorcha Lodge sits on the same property as the Butterfly House and Nature Center. It consists of a butterfly house, breeding facility and botanical gardens. Lodge guests have free and unlimited access to its facilities.

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